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Create and Optimize Your Content Strategy for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a link between search engine bots and content. To get a professional and responsive website or blog, it’s important to get potential customers to boost sales/traffic. What comes to your mind when we say “well-optimized content”? Keywords right!. 

But do you ever think how Google recognizes your content will fulfill the search intent or not?- the answer is keywords again, but what if the audience rejects your content and product/services too?      

 Create and Optimize Your Content Strategy for SEO 
When customers search online, Google or other search engines bots try to verify whether the website or page matches the intent. If your website or webpage will do, it will appear somewhere within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). To uphill this huge competitive mountain, SEO and good content strategy is something, you required the most.
Let’searn how to optimize content, step by step!  
How to a reliable content strategy?
First of all, clear your mind from well-optimized content myths. It's about keywords and links; it's far more than that. If you think you will put keywords and rank high, then you’re moving wrong. 
Part 1. Content creation 

Understand your audience- Target audiences without understanding them is nothing much, but hitting blindfolded. It's impossible to engage someone with your content without knowing their needs and goals. Understand the tone of your brand and the audience it's serving. Then only you can trigger the right nerve.  

Understand your brand expertise- look for what your brand is providing to its customers. For example, they are selling sports shoes, and you’re mentioning shoes only. It will suddenly lead you towards a larger competition.

Use every single brand strength- To target, every single one, mention every specialty. And be sure to look for your current customers, check out what competitors are targeting, outline the benefits of your services/products

 Don’t forget the devices they’re searching with- Over 50% of customers are searching from mobile devices. These devices have a small screen. And if you have long paragraphs on your page, it will look like a giant one on mobile devices. So write short paraphrases & bullet points.

After you have done with your content, it's time for keywords optimization.  
Part 2. Keyword optimization 
Adding keywords naturally without informing readers that it's SEO tactics for search engine bots. It is the right way of keyword optimization, here are some tips:

Use primary keywords, in the first 100 words of the article
Don’t stuff keywords everywhere, use the synonyms and semantic words too. 

Keep updating your keywords with keyword searching tools. 

Use primary keywords in the first 100 words of the article.

 Keep updating your keywords with keyword searching tools.

Linking matters  - Whether you link with a reputational external source of information or just lead your customers to another page via call-to-action text. All are known as links. They are the signs for search engines that reference the extra source of information. 

You can link through 2 types:

Internal links( Inbound links)- The links from a site page to another page of that same site are known as internal links such as call-to-action buttons or texts.  

External links( Outbound links)- The links from your site to other relevant and reputable sites are known as external links.
Part 3. Review your work
Review your content and make sure you serve better quality than quantity. However, long content matters from an SEO prospect but it doesn't mean you create a vacuum rather than engagement.  
Take a look at what you must check for in the last process. 

Does your article fulfill your title and prompt?

Does it lead with introduction, clear transition and conclusion?

Does it refer to the full tone of your brand?
Cut down the extras, the redundant words. 
Make sure it remains relevant for a long time.

Read the whole article aloud to assure it doesn’t look keyword stuffy and grammatically incorrect.    
Why does SEO content strategy matter?
It's important to have a well-optimized website as it affects the number of online customers who will find you. So write to keep the customers in mind, not just Google. As if it is relevant to users, then only Google ranks it. So you should optimize page titles focusing the customer in mind. 
In this customer-oriented world, not creating customer-relevant content can be a huge downfall for services. Ensure your content by upper given SEO content strategy. You can also hire trustworthy digital marketing services as a full digital marketing strategy package, including content strategy.        


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