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How To Create E-commerce websites from Scratch using Django Framework

People love to buy things online now for the ease and convenience of online shopping. With the increase in the craze for online purchasing, more and more businesses are now choosing to go online with their products and services. Shopping apps are one of these mediums of online shopping.

When we talk about applications, why not to talk about its foundation - The Framework. The framework is used to build codes for web app development. It is needed when the codes of apps or programs are not well-structured and have a rough functionality. The significance of the framework, enlarge the responsibility to choose it wisely. 

How To Create E-commerce websites from Scratch using Django Framework

Read out the points to choose a suitable framework for your e-commerce application. 

The things to remember while choosing a framework- 
●      Is it easy to change UI, or does the framework have Pluggable, or Customizable themes available in the market?
●      How much Customizable the framework is, to suit your needs?
●      How many plugins are available in the framework?
●      What is needed development time, to get your idea in real? 
●      Does it have a frequent security update release? 
●      Will it provide the REST (Representational State Transfer) API to develop mobile apps? 
●      Is it scalable enough to support your app growth?   

Get an easy solution for E-commerce Application Development- 

To launch your thoughts in the internet world, a coding language is the most needed thing. Python is one of the best coding languages to build an e-commerce app. It is simple to understand and powerful to build AI systems. There are several E-commerce development frameworks that are built with Python. 

The best e-commerce frameworks are: 

●      Django
●      Pyramid
●      TurboGears
●      Web2py

In this article, we are spotlighting Django, so let’s know everything about Django. And why to choose it as your e-commerce framework?

What is Django?  

Django is an open-source framework based on Python (one of the top programming languages). The framework works well in case you need flexibility, reliability, loading speed, simplicity, and scalability at the same time. It has its naming systems for all functionals and components e.g, the HTTP response called- “views”.  
The popular Django e-commerce framework:

●     Salesor
●     Oscar
●     Shuup
●     Django-SHOP

Why choose Django?

It’s fast and simple- It simplifies the work of developers, as while using this framework, they can do more than one interaction at a time without starting from scratch. Other than that, it also follows the DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself)  philosophy, so the developers can reuse the existing codes.  
It’s secure- The out-of-the-box security system helps to solve the security issues such as clickjacking, SQL injections, and cross-site scripting.    
It suits any web app development project- The framework can tackle the project of any size and capacity. The apps made on Django can handle heavy traffic and large volumes of information. It is a cross-platform which can be Mac, PC, and Linux. It allows using a database that is suitable for a particular project or multiple projects at the same time.     
It's well-established- The large supportive community of Django, that can examine via various forums, channels, and dedicated websites.  

How to create an eCommerce website with Django-Oscar:

To Upskill how you can create an eCommerce web app with one of the Django frameworks, scroll down. In this final point, we are talking about how to create an eCommerce web app with Django-Oscar. 

1.    Install Oscar- It will install Django as a dependency.
2.    Create a Django project - Give it a name 
3.    Settings- After creating a project add all settings such as installed apps, Middle ware classes, Databases, etc.  
4.    Customize and override templates- Firstly update the Oscar template and configure the settings.
After customizing the templates, you can replace all the given content with your content. 

Django can be a great foundation to build your project. It is simple enough to handle small-scale projects and also have the potential to scale your project on a higher level. It can deal with heavy- traffic and complex functions or technology. So basically, you have a top framework to build your project. However, if you are not technically trained, give a chance to experts and hire a Web App Development Service, to build the project of your dream.         


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